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Qinghai Oil Field Exploration discovered three more than 100 million tons ..



Xinhuanet xining dec. 13 (xinhua HeWei) reporters from Chinese petroleum companies that qinghai oilfield, qinghai oilfield step north with significant breakthrough exploration work, accumulative petroleum geological reserves new level 1 million tons of qinghai oilfield, this is the biggest found nearly 30 years.

The north oilfield has petrophysical property good, burial, higher abundance reserves, large scale, development prospect is good economic benefits etc. 2009, to the north of qinghai oilfield fault block with three fine exploration achieved breakthrough. At present, in this area have preliminary control oil area 55 square kilometers, the total petroleum geological reserves new level 1 million tons.

Chinese petroleum corporation ZhaoZhengZhang vice President, said: "the north fault belt, the reserves that goes quality qinghai oilfield is the biggest found nearly 30 years, its reserves in YiDunJi size of qinghai oilfield, the history of oil and gas have found." This discovery has turned in qinghai oilfield long-term low oil exploration and scale of passive situation that qinghai oilfield development and 1000 tons all-round construction of gas reserves foundation laid a plateau.

According to understand, qinghai oilfield located in known as "the passing of qaidam basin, was the kunlun mountains, surrounded by qilian mountain, the altun mountain. Qinghai petroleum exploration in 1954, after 40 years efforts, found the ground, exploring oil-gas tectonic 140 23.